Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The most important blog about film photography: this is a window into the film community. Japan Camera Hunter dot com.

Stories of film rediscovery. Guessing as to the demise or rebirth of film. A 20-something saying he just sold all of his digital gear! Woohoo!

                                            JapanCamera Hunter 2014

I agree with most in that film will become niche. Very niche. Kodak and Fuji may bow out completely as they are too big to bother with a boutique market. Or, they will splinter off little nodules of film divisions that maintain some profit as they wind down their operation. They have to offset previous R&D and production costs as they wind down. 

BTW this is one cool, good looking website. This Japan Camera Hunter. Also seems like people on the site aren't hurting: Leicas galore. 

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