Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fiasco Car wash. Or clown car car wash.

So I need the vehicles to be clean and I had thought I found a great car wash. Not the best time, but rather intriguing.

I pull into the car wash, drop the Prius off at the vacuums. And catch a glimpse of this:

I call it the Merman Mobile, mer-Ford, limp dick dolphin... basically the thing is awesome. F-250 utility body with a homemade folk art Poseidon motif! Looks like someone works it, and it has some mid-atlantic rust.

So I walk into the building to pay (I'm honest) and look what is on the wall of a dumpy car wash in Baltimore.

I felt like I was in Paris having a multi-fruit tart and coffee.

This guy couldn't stop spraying stuff. If a car wasn't getting sprayed he was at the window.

And I had to leave the waiting room after touching this magazine that looked like it had made it to the men's room a few times. Went straight for the hand sanitizer. "Ee ee!

So then the car is done and I get a freakin flat because of these stupid joke accessories for the Prius. The car wash rail busted my valave.

My silly clown car car.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Liberal Rednecks

I consider myself about 45% country but I don't sit around spouting bullshit about "They're taking our guns!" "Stay out of my healthcare." "Jesus saves." I found these blogs that say a lot. Modern country has it all wrong and these youngins forget that these guys were populists. Shit, Reagan would have been "right of center" today. Fuck the tea party, but save manufacturing!

Here are some liberal  rednecks

Space Pencil has Launched

What is space pencil?
The US developed a pen that cost thousands of dollars to write in space... when they could have just used a pencil. Common sense folks! It's flying away. As the blog continues it will all start to make sense.