Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fiasco Car wash. Or clown car car wash.

So I need the vehicles to be clean and I had thought I found a great car wash. Not the best time, but rather intriguing.

I pull into the car wash, drop the Prius off at the vacuums. And catch a glimpse of this:

I call it the Merman Mobile, mer-Ford, limp dick dolphin... basically the thing is awesome. F-250 utility body with a homemade folk art Poseidon motif! Looks like someone works it, and it has some mid-atlantic rust.

So I walk into the building to pay (I'm honest) and look what is on the wall of a dumpy car wash in Baltimore.

I felt like I was in Paris having a multi-fruit tart and coffee.

This guy couldn't stop spraying stuff. If a car wasn't getting sprayed he was at the window.

And I had to leave the waiting room after touching this magazine that looked like it had made it to the men's room a few times. Went straight for the hand sanitizer. "Ee ee!

So then the car is done and I get a freakin flat because of these stupid joke accessories for the Prius. The car wash rail busted my valave.

My silly clown car car.

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